The Session #12—The Sun Session

The Sun Session took place at De Mirandabad, Amsterdam, Sunday the 30th of January 2011. With contributions by:

Tomas Adolfs, Staffan Björk, Orpheu de Jong, Matthias Kreutzer, Kalle Mattsson, Jens Schildt, Tarja Szaraniec, Monica Tormell, Ninna Berger, Jessica Breitholtz Björk, Mats Björk, Constant Dullaart, Johannes Heldén, Regina Kelaita, Yvonne Lacet, Erica van Loon, Malin Persson, Ragnar Persson, Rafaël Rozendaal, Hamid Sallalli and Skeppet.

"The Session manufactures theme-zines in the finest DIY spirit, serving serious readers through a distribution network consisting of dealers. (...) The Session will favourize, focus and execute. It will continue to be committed and maintain a strong balance sheet with an anarchistic yet anal leadership."

Editing and design by Staffan Björk. Thank you Normunds Dikijs.